Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Gay Propaganda

Can someone tell me if the World is being taken over by Gay Propaganda

Why do I say well practically every programme you see on the TV has a Gay person or Gay couple. Now that would be OK if their was a big Gay minority in the community but there isn’t Let me quote you something from the Pro Gay Movement Newspaper the Guardian “1.5% of the UK?

In its 'Integrated Household Survey', the Office for National Statistics asks 178,197 people about their sexual identity - and the vast majority of them choose to answer.
93.5% of people said they were 'heterosexual' or 'straight', just 1.1% said they were 'gay' or 'lesbian' and 0.4% said they were bisexual. The small fraction that was left either refused to answer or said they didn't know. Altogether, amounts to about 545,000 homosexual and 220,000 bisexual adults in the UK.
The claim that just 1.5% of people in Britain are gay, lesbian or bisexual will come as a surprise to some - even perhaps those in government. When they were analysing the financial implications of the new Civil Partnerships Act, theTreasury estimated it was 6%. Stonewall, a gay rights charity reckon that 5-7% "is a reasonable estimate".
Now even if you do not believe the Government ONS figures even Stonewall “who promote people with this abnormal sexual preference” say it is a maximum of 7%. So the likely hood of everyone in the Country having a Gay Friend is mathematically impossible

Why do I bring this up yet again simple all you hear from Politicians, Left-wing Luvvies etc. is that TV programmes, politics, newspapers etc. should be representative of the Community it serves but it is not.

Every soap opera has a Gay sub plot, programmes like come Dine with Me always has a Gay person giving the impression that 25% of the population are Gay and now the remake of Hart to Hart is to have a Gay Married couple Why?

Taking away the stigma of being Homosexual by changing the Law was right persecuting Gay people is wrong, Civil Partnership was OK with me although I do not agree with Gay marriage BUT why this obsession by the Entertainment industry in promoting Gay people?

Is that these people still feel insecure and are trying to make their relationships look normal? Although I do not care what people do in their bedroom and whom they want to spend their life with. The homosexual act and life style is abnormal, abnormal in the fact it’s not normal like many other aspects of Human Life

Some say I am Homophobic NO but I have a Phobia about a very small minority having more influence and power then the majority

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