Thursday, September 17, 2015

What is the matter with this POPE

I am a Roman Catholic not a practicing one I am sorry to say BUT what is a matter with this Pope? At first I thought he is a pious man living in a small flat not excepting the traditional trapping of his office but it seems he more of a Political Zealot then a man of God. The other week he told all Catholic Clergy to take in Immigrants, this in itself was a political statement under the guise of a Religious edict. To my knowledge he has never said take in the indigenous homeless but like many others he seems to be using the migration problem to promote himself and his political beliefs

Now he is moving to Gay Marriage here is a comment from the article, which says exactly how I feel:

“How can they change the bible when it suits them? And what happened to the words "the sanctuary of marriage is the joining together of one man and one women in the eyes of god" which means that this is the only marriage acceptable? Other relationships should be contractual.”

The one thing I felt the Catholic religion had over other Christian religions especially the Church of England it rarely altered doctrine but this not the case with this Pope he changes doctrine to follow his own political beliefs and popularity

Gay couples could get the Pope's blessing: Francis set to discuss plans with cardinals at key Vatican gathering next month
·       Prospect of a major concession to same-sex rights was aired yesterday
·       It came ahead of a key gathering of cardinals at the Vatican next month
·       Pope is set to discuss plans for priests to give a blessing to gay couples 

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