Monday, September 07, 2015

Problems in Germany

I had a German Mother so I am interested in what is happening in Germany as you all know I am against this Swarm of illegal Economic Migrants entering the UK. I accept that the UK may have to accept a certain amount of Syrian Refugees and Cameron is doing the right thing by putting a limit on the amount and only taking them from the UN refugee Camps these are true refugees not the hordes of migrants refusing to stay in safe countries but demanding to go to Germany.

The German people, if the papers are to be believed, are welcoming up to 800,000 well it is their Country and they can do what it likes as long as it does not effect the UK and cost us money. Yet the Germans who continually berate others for not abiding by the Rules of the EU yet they have completely ignored them themselves, there is no checks or balances with these immigrants so how do they do they know what sort of person will in their country? In 2012 Germany had 4 times as many murders and manslaughters as the UK so will German be a safe place to visit in the future, who knows?

I relations of mine in Germany commented on this saying the biggest problem in Germany was the resurgence of the Nazi’s who had killed 70 people last year, this in itself is not a particular great number as there well over 2100 murders manslaughters in 2012 in Germany. Yet with the increase of Immigrants many Germans, because not all of them welcome them into the country, will feel isolated and forgotten especially as it will be poorer areas that will have to take the burden of this swarm of people. When occasions like this happens a certain section of the people will blame everything on foreigners and this will be a time when they will look to an alternative to the Government of the day. This is a breeding ground for Nazi sympathisers who number will grow.

My relation will be right in that the threat could come from Nazi’s rather then immigrants but the blame will be at the feet of all those who want unregulated immigration

Interestingly enough he was very proud of the fact that Germany is letting in this swarm of migrants but he did make a statement where he said that the local church had been sold to be able to house immigrants. So even the Church is making money out of this situation, one would have thought the correct way would have been to give the Church to the immigrant organisation rather then sell it?

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