Wednesday, September 02, 2015

NEW Tricks has become PC

I have always enjoyed the BBC Programme “New Tricks” but it has now has lost all the original cast and it has lost that thing that makes it more then just another Police Programme. With the introduction of Nicolas Lyndhurst we saw PC being introduced which now every TV programme has to have, he brought with him a daughter who was disabled in a wheel chair,  a wife in a Mental Institution and last night we were introduce  to the latest conscript being Gay. Thankfully this is the last of the series other wise we would soon have Muslim, Cross dresser, Lesbian etc etc a true version of every day life?

Now compare that with Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield show a totally UN PC event they took the micky and made jokes about everyone I am surprised the show was allowed to go ahead especially as on Radio 4 comedians have suggested that only Left wing PC comedians be allowed to have a show. Mind you a Left wing PC comedian is a contradiction in itself

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