Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mr Churchill a Coward

I do love the Internet as you most probably realise, you can put your views forward, find useful information and so on. Yet there is one problem that annoys me is the anonymous individual who is too cowardly to give their identity unlike me. Over the years I have had several of these people slagging me off but they eventually disappear when they lose the argument. The latest one was someone calling him or her self Mr Churchill I quite liked his comments and I posted several of them but since I challenged him to come out in the open and stop being a coward and hiding under anonymity he has vanished.

People like him do not like the fact that I am anti immigration; anti Gay Mafia think paedophilia is wrong, question the rights of Islam, question most left-wing views and am patriotic. Now most his comments suggest he does not agree with that and me. He always refers to how intelligent he is and how well educated in fact he tries to tell me that he is the most gifted intelligent man in GB or maybe on the planet. To me he is a Walter Mitty Character but the reason I bring his name up is that I cannot prove otherwise. It highly unlikely he reads this but one does need to know if his facts are right but once a coward or always a coward. Do any of you have any problems with theses cowardly trollers?

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