Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Churchill is a Liar

Spoke to soon about Mr Churchill he has returned but because of his anonymity he can Liable me this is the latest article 

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "Everyone should read this":
Interesting - talked to a friend who works for a national newspaper. He contacted a former colleague for local rags in the Sheerness and Swale are and it turns out that your letters were turned down for lying and blatant bigotry. Furthermore your advertisements for properties broke race discrimination laws. 

Interesting and my first thought will contact Local Newspaper and if they had said they had made that comment would contact my solicitor BUT as expected the truth escapes Mr Churchill  here was a reply from a Kent Messenger Group Editor 

Sittingbourne KM Edition (sent by

15:31 (1 hour ago)
to me
Mr Clarke,

With reference to your earlier email and subsequent call to our sports desk.

I am completely unaware of any letters or advertisements of this nature.

Not sure where/who this came from, but it doesn't ring any bells with me.

Matt Ramsden

Now the cowardly Mr Churchill will not give his name obviously fearful of Legal retribution but I have a friend who can trace things like this so maybe Mr Churchill's identity will eventually be forthcoming

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