Saturday, December 01, 2012


Aids has yet again raised its ugly head this homosexual disease is not just restricted to the homosexual community it has now spread to the heterosexual Community which is 99% of the British population according to the data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The original spread of this disease amongst heterosexuals cannot be laid at the door of Homosexuals as by definition they would not have sexual relationship with a women but it can be laid at the door of Bisexuals which is just 1 in every 200 people 0.5% according to the data published by the Office for National Statistics

So to try eradicate this disease we need medical help to cure people but more importantly we need Education and the obvious answer is to teach children, our future generation, about marriage and tell them that sex should be in a permanent relationship preferably in marriage instead of treating sex as just another form of light entertainment which rates alongside having a glass of wine or beer, which is now being taught to young children through schools, media and press. Although I do not agree with homosexuals getting married they should be taught that promiscuous will lead to disease. Teaching of sex within marriage could also lead to a drop in single parents and a reduction of VD.

Of course all and sundry shall ridicule me saying I am out dated old fashioned and I will agree. Yet just because of that does it make what I suggest wrong the important part is I have said teach not compulsion. All major religion preaches sex with in marriage not because of some religious fervor but because they have understood the damage to health, family and society promiscuity can do. Teaching of Moral Values is the way forward. Sometimes we need to learn from our mistakes. I know I have.

Martin Clarke

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