Friday, September 20, 2013

Bedroom Subsidy-Council House sales-Smoking in Prisons

Caught the last piece of Question Time last night, I used to watch this on a regular basis but its continual left wing bias in the audience selection frustrated me. As someone who attended one of the programmes when it was in Maidstone I know I was asked many questions before I could get a ticket.  Two questions asked whether I was a member of a political party and the other s were based on my political persuasion, they maintained they asked these question to create balance in the audience. Yet the same could apply for manipulation of the audience and after seeing the program on many occasion I feel this is what they do.

Back to last night’s program, questions were being asked about the Bedroom Subsidy, this is where people on benefit get housing benefit for houses where many of the bedrooms were unoccupied.  The government have said that Housing benefit should be paid on the basis on the actually claimants requirements i.e. one-person household one bedroom and as I rent one bedroom flats I know that SBC pay £470 pcm on housing benefit. So logically anyone who is single person should get £470 pcm now if they want to pay more they have to make up the balance, common sense I would have thought but not according to the lefties on the BBC. Exception have been made for the elderly and for some who have medical problems, yet that ridiculous mother of PC Labours Harriet Harman quoted a case that she knew of a women who had occasional epileptic fits and her daughter had to stay in the spare bedroom but she was having to pay for the extra bedroom. So she should why should we Council Taxpayer for her daughter to have the occasional visit, if she was in a one bedroom property the daughter could stay, on the very few times, she was there on a pull out sofa. Remember if you have worked for a considerable time you are entitled to benefit those who have not paid into the system it is a charity paid for by us Taxpayers.
Can I give an example I know of a large family who lived in a 4 bedroom Council house, as the family got older all of the offspring moved out and became very successful. A sister remained who had mental issues with coping with the real world, so she stopped with her parents who looked after her, when her parents died she was in her early fifties and she remained in the house. She not able to work but was capable of living by herself; the family argument is that she needs stability so she must remain in the family home. This may be true but why should she get the housing benefit for a 4-bedroom house?  She has 6 brothers and sisters why can’t they help out with paying with the subsidy?  Maggie is quoted as say “There is no such thing as Society” by this she meant that we should not rely on the state it is down to us especially families to help those in need

The other thing that was brought up was the sale of Council Houses as if this created the Housing shortage this was what some silly woman from one of the lefty magazine said. Well if family X rents a house and then buys the house how does that lower the Housing stock? All that has happened is that Family X pays a mortgage instead of rent as for the idea that Council Housing estate are a great institution can I ask why should I as a taxpayer help pay for subsidised rents because that what happens with Council Housing.

She moved on to blame landlords for all the troubles because rents are paid directly to them. First of all this is not true as the tenant has to give permission to have the rent paid direct. Paying the rent to Landlords in a lot of cases helps the tenant who in a lot of cases have difficulty with their finances I have one tenant who has to top his rent by £10 pcm he is now 2 months behind it only be £20 but imagine if he had the rent paid to him, another had his rent paid direct and got a month behind I said to save an eviction the rent was to paid direct to me, to pay back his missed rent will take him 24 months at £20 pcm. On another occasion I had a women who refused to pay her rent for several months and was receiving housing benefit I complained to both the Council and the Police an nothing was done, I eventually got rid of her still owing 3 months rent.

Radio 4 this morning they were talking about banning smoking in Prisons and they had two ex cons on saying how bad it was and against their human rights, one even said it is so bad in prison that they are let out from their cells at 8am and back in them 8pm and they are trying to organise a Union for Prisoners? Excuse me but I thought prison was a punishment for people who committed a serious crime? One of a the spokesman was a Ben Gunn as a 14 year old he murdered his friend and had done 30 years, his supporters think he should have been let out years ago. He should think himself lucky he was not hanged or in my opinion locked up forever. Interesting I looked on the internet there was a lot about him but no where cold I find the name of the child he murdered, who will not be paid to go on TV maybe his family should have something to say about Ben Gunn

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