Monday, September 30, 2013

Climate Change

Unlike a lot of people I do not believe Climate Change is just man made but I do think that the world is polluting itself so all though I do not believe, I think the debate has improved the environment. Yet with India and China pouring out some many pollutants our efforts are futile. Also what I hate about the climate change is that it is an excuse to tax us by the green taxes this government and others have brought in, plus we have to put up with those ugly inefficient Wind Turbines. Also everyone rambles on about the danger of CO2 admission well if we cut back too much our plants will die, then we will have a disaster.

Plants need Co2 to prepare its carbohydrate food through photosynthesis. The chloroplasts containing chlorophyll pigment in the leaves by using energy obtained from solar radiation , water and minerals obtained from soil will reduce Co2 obtained from atmosphere to carbohydrate food. This food only the plant use for its growth, for producing its flowers, to derive energy for its various activities

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