Sunday, September 08, 2013

Syria-Somewhere over the Rainbow

War in Syria

I can  not understand why our Prime Minister and Obama are so desperate to go to war, our involvement will perpetuate problems with the Moslem countries in the region, which will eventually lead to a Regional war dragging Israel and Iran in. It will not be Obama and Cameron who are killed it will be US and GB troops, with their families suffering and for what? If Assad used Chemical weapons is that any worse then what the rebels are doing NO
Yesterday I think I found out the reason why, when watching an old rerun of "Foyle's War". In this programme a couple of brother were making money out of the war and trade unionist made the comment a lot of companies are making money from the war. So could it be both Cameron and Obama see the potential for British and UK companies can make a lot of money out of this conflict?
The logic of making money for Companies but get the British Taxpayer pay for the war is beyond me.

I recently read that the UK debt equates to £175000 for every person in the UK yet we give Billions in aid and now we are to give £500,000 in aid to Syrians refugees, where are all the Moslem Billionaires where is their contribution? Maybe instead of paying millions to football players that money could be used to help the poor

You all how much I condemn the "Gay Militants" they seem to have insurgents in every part of British life and you have to admire them for getting so mush power for just 1.5%   of the population. The latest move to change things was last night at the proms where the Soprano dedicated the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow" from the "Wizard of Oz" into the anthem for the GayCommunity. What right have they to change the meaning of things to promote their abnormal sexually behavior?

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