Saturday, September 14, 2013

Modern Day Youth and Facbook

I wonder if any of you have watched the programme Bouncers, if you have not watch it and see how our young people behave it is disgusting. The Women look like Prostitutes and Men treat the women as playthings with no respect. Getting bladdered is the in word, this is where you get so drunk you no longer know what you are doing, you see these people fighting, being sick, falling over, sleeping in the gutter and this Fun is what the young call a good night out

It Only Takes Three Generations To Change The Morals Of A Nation

I am 63 so I can remember what the 1950’s was all about, if you wanted children you got married, if you wanted to eat and have a roof over your head you went work and earned money, the Doctor, Teacher, Policeman, the Elderly were treated with respect, you never swore in front of women or children, most believed in God, most were Christians, most believed in Christian ethics and morals, if you could not spell write or add by the time you were 15 you were thick, if you were a serious or persistent law breaker you went to prison, the only porn was in the Tit Bits or weekend mag, single mothers were treated with disdain, living together outside marriage was called living in sin or living over the brush,  having a meal involved preparing fresh food and cooking it, microwave was something that happened at sea, naughty children were punished, you dressed smartly to go for a meal,  women had alcohol in small glasses, women behaved as ladies and did not get their breasts out for the boys, Gay was when you were happy and frivolous  I could go on.

Most of these things have changed, only you can decide if it is for the better. I expect you know my feelings

I have broke my latest phone and have informed people that I will only be available on my land line, yet various people have been saying to what are you going to do how will you cope?  The possibility of me missing out because I have no mobile is remote, yes I like my mobile I can text, look at the internet and view my emails on the move but I can do all this when I get home on my computer so it is no big deal

I have tried Twitter and Facebook when it first came out but after while Twitter became extremely annoying as why do I want to be in contact with someone 24-7, why do I want to know the minutia of there every moment of their life? As for Facebook this is even worse not only is it trivia at its worse but it is very often spiteful and vindictive with those making the accusations not having the courage to face the person they are insulting. People on Twitter and Facebook believe they can say what ever they like with impunity, well they are wrong, you can still liable someone and then face the consequences. I for one would sue someone if they made false accusations. I still have some Facebook accounts as I find it can help with me promoting my business and Martial Arts but I am beginning to wonder if that is the case. My Blogs get more response then I do from Facebook. I think the Internet is great but I wonder about this obsession with the need to know each other business?

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