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To me there is nothing worse then rape, I can not watch any scene on TV with a rape scene this along with the abuse of young children and homosexuals fondling each other is when I reach for the remote and switch channels. I realise some stories have to portray these acts but I wonder if sometimes it is for the benefit of the story or for the gratification on the audience.
Why have I brought this subject up well it refers to the article below, this man has been arrested for something he supposed to have done over 40 years ago. I do not know whether he raped this girl or not but how can they prove anything? Surely the only way to prove it was to have the girl complain at the time where she could be examined or if there was a witness to the rape, DNA would confirm they had sex not rape. If this man had done the deed he should be punished but what if he is entirely innocent his name would be smeared forever. Why has the accusation taken so long to made? Since Jimmy Saville several high profile cases have gone to court and on several occasion they men have been proven innocent and one of the accused is suing his accuser who fabricated the story. So is the various cases a way to seek the truth and enforce justice or is it a witch-hunt?

Top Tory official, 75, appointed by David Cameron arrested over claims he assaulted a teenage girl more than 40 years ago
    Businessman Alan Lewis arrested after woman claims he raped her in 1960s
    75-year-old was appointed vice-chairman of the Conservatives by Cameron


At long last the Government has recognised marriage in the tax system but interesting enough they pushed through same sex marriage before they done it or was it done to appease the Governments Gay Mates. The amount is not a lot but it recognises marriage as an institution of course Labour and the LibDems think it is wrong they would prefer it that no one was  married and women had kids by multiple fathers who did not contribute in any way.  For decades the status of marriage has been ridiculed and the acceptance of immorality has been acceptable. Single parents has become the norm and the Labour party and the LibDems have encouraged this by funding these people. A couple living together outside of marriage refer to themselves as Partners, what nonsense. If you were a business and was in a partnership you would make a legal agreement, just living together is not a partnership. The only true partnership of people living together is marriage it is a formal arrangement where you actually sign an agreement in a civil service and a religious one.
Most importantly every survey proves that bringing up children in marriage is the most advantages for the children. On the radio this morning it was reported, by the time a child is 15 years old  50% of them would be in a broken home i.e their parents not living together. Yet out of the remaining 50% over 90% live with married parents. I could go on about how marriage is the bedrock of society

Cameron stands up for family values as he announces £1,000 tax break for every married couple
    Stay-at-home mothers and women who work part time will be main winners
    Husband or wife will be allowed to transfer £1,000 of their tax-free allowance to spouse
    Tax break will be enjoyed by gay couples in civil partnerships and in marriage

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