Thursday, September 05, 2013

Open Letter to Gordon Henderson MP and Dan Hannan MEP

Dear Gordon and Dan

Latest news is that the Government no longer want the Census they think it should be  cancelled, they tell us that it is to expensive, this the same government that gives Billion in Foreign Aid a large percentage goes to corrupt officials.

The reason they want to do away with the census is so they can manipulate figures, Immigration would be the first thing they would try and manipulate.

Before the last Census the Government and Pro Gay Organisation such as stonewall were peddling the idea that the Gay community represented up to 15% of Great Britain some even suggested it was much as 20%. They then argued that this very large minority must have more rights, more power; positive discrimination in their favour was the order of the day

Yet here are the figures :

The data showed that 95% said they were heterosexual, 1% gay or lesbian, 0.5% bisexual, 0.5% other, and the remaining 3% either did not know or did not answer.
So you can see how government can manipulate figures and I expect they will do it again so we need the Census so they do not lie to us. Yet they can even fiddle the Census to get the results they want in the USA the asked the question do you live with a person of the same sex, which some interpretated as Gay? Yet it could mean father and son, mother and daughter, friends so and so on,
When analyzing surveys all check how many people they surveyed and where the survey took place

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