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Scrap Metal-Spitting-votes for non British-Immigrants living in crowded houses

I have a lot to say but let the newspaper reports do most of my talking, Interesting see at long last you fined for spitting but when a copper is spat in the face and gives the spitter a smack he is taken to court, you have to ask the question why and the spitter is not charged. Reminds me of the time I was canvassing as a potential Conservative Councillor in a Labour area, I knocked on the door and told the housekeeper who I was. He looked at me and said he hates Tories and that he was going to spit at me. I said you spit at me I will knock your teeth down your throat; he looked and said you can’t do that. I replied spit and see what happens, needless to say he did not spit at me and I did not get his vote.

As a landlord we are continually be slated yet the main power in in the hands of the Tenant and we are now blamed for a housing shortage and what are Labour’s plans? To nationalise Building Land and take on the job of building house and renting going back to the bad old days of those massive horrible Council Estates where the tax payer pays for subsidised rents for the idle who do not want to work. Why is there a housing shortage (if that is true) it because open the floodgates to immigrants 1.5 million and allow single people on housing benefit to live in houses with more then one bedrooms. What they could encourage is the conversion of Warehouses into one bedroom flats
 A comment was made to me about those people collecting scrap, the government has made it compulsory for all those selling scrap to pay by cheque to stop thieving and make them pay taxes. The rumour is that Travellers/Pikey etc. are exempt well l that is not true let me quote you from the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. So if you know of any of these paying cash let me know

 Offence of buying scrap metal for cash etc
A scrap metal dealer must not pay for scrap metal except—
by a cheque which under section 81A of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 is not transferable, or
by an electronic transfer of funds (authorised by credit or debit card or otherwise).
The Secretary of State may by order amend subsection (1) to permit other methods of payment.
In this section paying includes paying in kind (with goods or services).
If a scrap metal dealer pays for scrap metal in breach of subsection (1), each of the following is guilty of an offence—
the scrap metal dealer;
if the payment is made at a site, the site manager;
any person who makes the payment acting for the dealer.
It is a defence for a person within subsection (4)(a) or (b) who is charged with an offence under this section to prove that the person—
made arrangements to ensure that the payment was not made in breach of subsection (1), and
took all reasonable steps to ensure that those arrangements were complied with.
A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.

Public strongly oppose votes for foreign citizens

September 05, 2013
Last week a report by Migrationwatch revealed that about one million Commonwealth citizens who are not British citizens nevertheless have the right to vote in our General Elections.
The government’s response was that this right to vote in our elections “reflects our close historical ties with Commonwealth countries. Excluding Commonwealth citizens would be significant and would require careful consideration. Parliament has previously taken the view that these rights should not be changed.”
Now an opinion poll by YouGov has found that the present situation is opposed by the public by 2 to 1. 60% do not think that these people should be able to vote in General Elections. Only 30% are in favour; 9% don’t know.
There is some variation across parties. Of those intending to vote UKIP 79% are opposed, for the Conservatives 69%, Labour 56% and Lib Dems 42%. The majority of people across all age groups were opposed with the older groups more strongly so. In London, opposition was less strong 48/39 compared to approximately 63/29 in the rest of the South of England (62/29), the North (63/29) and the Midlands/ Wales (63/28). In Scotland it was opposed by 57/35.
Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK said “Public opinion is rightly very strong on this. The situation is both very unfair and undermines the value of citizenship. The government’s response so far has been pathetic. When Parliament has considered it in the past MPs had no idea of the scale that this issue had reached. Now that the scale has become known, this hang over from the Empire must be tackled and soon”.

Policeman found guilty of assault following arrest by fellow officer for punching suspect in face after he spat in his mouth
    Rohan Scarlett, 47, denied assault after 3am incident at Islington station
    Officer said he punched Andrew Uba after he spat at him from close range
    Scarlett arrested by fellow officer Pc David O'Hara at scene in February
    O'Hara allegedly said 'we don't do that' and put colleague in handcuffs

Fined £160 for spitting in the street: First ever prosecutions under council's tough littering laws
    Waltham Forest Council initially handed spitters £80 fine each
    But the pair refused to pay and Council prosecuted them
    Used the same powers used to enforce against litter
    Thames Magistrates' Court found duo guilty and fined them £300 each
    Could pave the way for other councils to prosecute spitters

'House prices fall when migrants move in' because neighbouring houses are left empty and fall into disrepair, says economist
    Areas with many migrants suffer from lower prices, claims economist
    Derelict properties and crowded homes cause fall, he added

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