Wednesday, September 04, 2013

How to live on Benefits and will the Politicians do anything?

I have just calculated what a single mother with 3 children receives, I used a web site to get my figures, with Child Tax Credit, Child Support, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit  (3 bedroom House) and with subsidised Council Tax her weekly income is £452.74p per week that is £23542.48p per annum for someone working I expect they would have to ear in access of £30,000 per annum.  If this women had a partner who was living with someone else who had a child of her own, the CSA would expect his first priority to be his new partner and her child not his own? I detest the word Partner when it comes to people living together outside marriage. In business if you have a partnership you sign up to it with legal documents and that to me is part of being married the other part is the religious aspect just living together is at best naive and worst frivolous.

My question is how can a married man on a minimum wage bring up a family of 3? Well using the same website I have calculated the following a Married man with 3 children on a low wage £260 per week would pay approx. £30 NI and Income tax with working tax credit, Child tax credit and other hand-outs i.e Housing benefit, reduction in Council tax child benefit he would receive a further £355.92 p per week so weekly income of £586.33p so it does pay to work

What annoys me is why are we Tax Payers having to foot the bill so big international companies and others can get cheap labour? Why do I as a Taxpayer have to pay for him or her to have children?  The argument in the past was that the children would help fund our pensions how is that true when it cost the Tax Payer as much to keep people in work as it does on the dole!

I am 63 and started work at 15 after leaving school, knowing how to read, write and do arithmetic, I know this is an unusual concept in this day and age but 99% of us who left school then could do the same. I became an Agricultural apprentice doing 46 hours week for 11/-  (55p) When I started the wage for a farm Worker was under £10 and I can remember quite clearly when the wages went up to over £10. Also the unions battled to get a 40-hour week, which they eventually got.  Now you may say that must have been hard with mothers only get Child allowance and men on low wages but things were relevant to the price of goods. There was not the throw away society and most people lived within their means HP was frowned upon. Pregnancy outside marriage was a disgrace to your family and living together before you were married was called living in sin or living over the brush. Yet there was full employment all with guaranteed working hours, women and Gypsies would do the fruit picking and Londoners would come down for the hop picking, there was no such thing as obesity and getting slaughtered was something you did to animals.

So today you have multi millionaire chefs expecting you to work 80 hours a week, Agency Work gives no guarantee of regular work, major supermarkets give you minimum hours working contract i.e. 20 hours a week with the rest made up with overtime, when that is not available of course back to 20 hours and the tax payer can make up the rest, better still have Zero hours contract no guaranteed work or pay. Of course UK business no longer needs British Workers they can get loads of Easter Europeans on minimum wages, who will all hours then return home after 6 months and pay no tax.

So the Rich get Richer and the Poor get poorer, what strange country Major companies do their best not to pay tax, the feckless are better of on the dole with mothers having children from multiple fathers, Obesity, drug and alcohol abuse continues to climb and the public have a new religion called the Celebrity.

Now you make up your own mind when times were better. One thing is for sure the people in power do care for Joe Public

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