Thursday, September 12, 2013

GAY ORG and Immigrants

George butter wouldn't melt in his mouth????

My youngest grandchild George is 4 years old and just started school and has managed to have a fight everyday it seems is does not like being pushed around No idea where he gets that attitude from. Today he has been reprimanded for getting into a water fight in the toilets with some other boys. Yet because he knew his name in German he was upgraded to Silver, what ever that is. George has been to Germany a couple of time with me and I like to keep my mothers tongue alive his name in German is pronounced Gay Org. It looks like George has an interesting life ahead of him, can not wait till he starts judo at five.

I have a one bedroom flat to let and will always give preference to British Subjects and those over 40 years are always the best bet. On past occasions I have had the odd foreigner enquire and have not entertained them. This time I have been inundated with request from foreigners mainly youngsters and some with families applying for a One Bedroom Flat? Everyone of them could hardly speak English let alone read a Tenancy Agreement. Many people have complained that Sittingbourne is becoming over run with immigrants maybe this is an exaggeration but I know on the rare occasion I walk up the town, sometimes you have a job hearing the English language. I now know why there is a housing shortage in the UK


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