Friday, September 27, 2013

Harty Church

Harty Church Isle of Sheppey Kent

Val and myself decided to have a meal at the Harty Ferry Inn lovely Pub on the Swale looking over to Oare, well worth a visit. We never did get a meal as we only wanted a snack like a sandwich which they did not do, plus there was a group of noisy women and another group with screaming kids but we have been before and had a good meal. While there we decided to visit the local church. I have this obsession of photographing Churches it gives me a sense longevity and faith. We went on Friday it was a beautiful Autumn day, in the US they call it The Fall but did you realise that Fall and Autumn were originally used in England but when we English colonised the USA they took the word Fall with them, its name fell out of use in the Home Country. This was the most peaceful of places, if you get the chance visit it, you come away a lot calmer. Head towards Leysdown and you will see a sign to Harty Ferry.

It seems the last Viking Raid in England was at Milton Creek just a stone throw from Sittingbourne 

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