Monday, September 02, 2013

Harty Ferry-X Factor-Rentall

The dreaded X Factor is back on our screen from now till Christmas the newspapers will be full of along with TV. I was unlucky enough to catch 5 minutes of the rubbish before Vera last night and saw yet another Karaoke version of Whitney Houston, this programme is crass and plastic. I am sick of the Celebrity Culture, which has become like a religion in this country, they now appear on all sorts of chat and political shows voicing their opinion on every subject under the sun (Only I am allowed to do that) when they have no experience or knowledge of the subject they are talking about. If I want hear about a subject I want to hear from an expert or at least someone involved in the matter. It seems ironic when we have these plastic celebs being idolised when one of the best Interviewers David Frost has died. He was always very neutral in his interviewing allowing the interviewee to be relaxed and would get more information out of them, then the likes of the BBC aggressive left wing interviewers.

I took Val and my two grand children to Harty Ferry, Oare on Saturday to see the seals but it seems they bask on the Sheppy side any rate it is still a very pleasant spot. Along side the little car park is a natural spring, which is piped and maintained by the Council, I casual mentioned to 9-year-old Poppy that I would like to have a drink of it but had no bottle. 10 minutes later she had scoffed a packet of crisps, washed the bag out and filled it up with water for me to drink. Now how’s is that for ingenuity. What a beautiful day it was with clear blue skys, England and Kent take a lot of beating when it comes to beautiful spots

One of my boarders at my house died recently he had been with us for over 20 years. When we came to clean his room we never realised how bad he had let it go so much so I have had to put plasterboard up, have re-plastered decorated, new lino and scrap all the furniture so far it has cost me £2000 plus. I have found some bargains on the furniture front there is a place in Oare, which sells second hand furniture, which is of good quality, and reasonably priced, it always amazes me what people get rid of just for the sake of change. Bed with mattress, Sideboard, carpet sweeper, breakfast bar with stools, microwave, wardrobe, kettle and toaster all for £200. The other thing I got via EBay was a unit designed for bedsits i.e. Sink, Fridge, Cooker and 2 hot plates all in one unit not bad for £100.

The most annoying is the time wasters, one of my 1-bedroom flats has become vacant, I put a sign up outside and with in 24 hours had two enquiries. One came along on Saturday, he thought the flat was marvellous and could he move in straight away. He promised to text me to arrange final details! Yes you have guessed no response, why can they not have the decency to say Not Interested. Sorry to say this is a regular occurrence along with those on the dole expecting you to wait while the Council sorts out their housing benefit

NO not my Flat just another Castle on the Rhine

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