Monday, September 16, 2013

Benefit fraud-Hijab-Cher

I agree that benefits cheats should pay for this fraudulent act but I also believe  “Let the crime fit the punishment”  So why am I saying that well a murderer can get just 16 years?  So give benefit cheats 10 years and murderers 32 years

While on the subject of Benefit cheats I had a women tenant who received Housing Benefit but refused to pay me it amounted to £1440. I complained to the Council they replied it was not their problem, I then complained to the Police and they said if she intended to pay for her rent but got led I into spending elsewhere it was not fraud. So I could take her to courts which could take months and even then she would be given time to find another place, plus she would have to pay back in instalments on which she could afford as she was on benefit that would be just a few pounds per month. So I had to offer her “Move out now and I would forgo the debt” this was the cheaper option
Now the government are trying to stop housing benefit being paid directly to the landlord, this will cause landlords not to rent to those on benefit plus landlords will have to check if foreigners are in this country legally as well. That makes no difference to me as I will only let to British Subjects who if required can produce a CRB check.

Totally agree with the minister who wants to an the full face mask, have taken a comment from the DM which I think is appropriate: Plus do we want people walking about in the UK a Christian country looking like a badly dressed Batman

The niqab is a militant political statement not a religious requirement. It prevents proper civilized interaction between people. It suggests on the one hand that all men can't control themselves / are rapists if they so much as see a blushing cheek, and on the other demeans women imprisoning and restricting them every which way. I have no problem with a headscarf for modesty but the niqab is political, divisive and backward. It has zero merit in Western culture. Ban it.

 Why is that because Russia wants to ban teaching of unnatural sexual acts to the under 18 such a crime? I wager most people in the UK do not want their children to earn about, Anal Sex, Bondage, bestiality (sex with an animal), orgies etc.  Is their anything wrong with saying that the primary aim of sex is between a man and women for the procreation of children plus way of showing love between married couples? Rather then just a means of fornication and self-gratification. As for Cher opening the Olympics this rather old tired women certainly does not look like an icon of Physical Fitness

Benefit cheats face ten years in prison: Prosecutors told to treat them like bank fraudsters
    Benefit fraud offences of less than £20k are currently handled by magistrates
    Britain’s top prosecutor Keir Starmer set to announce the new 'tough stance' on benefit cheats today
    New rules would see all benefit fraud cases dealt with in the Crown Court
    They will now face similar sentences to money launderers under new rules

Ban 'offensive' full-face veils in ALL schools because 'they make women invisible,' urges Tory MP 
    Dr Sarah Wollaston for Totnes, Devon, say schools 'collude with making women invisible' if they allow niqab
    Comments come after Birmingham Metropolitan College reverses ban on full-face veils after students protest
    Earlier this week a judge allowed a woman to give evidence in court wearing a burqa for the first time

Cher snubs chance to open Russia’s Winter Olympics in protest over its anti-gay laws
    The singer turned down the offer in protest against law which prohibits teaching homosexual issues to under 18s
    Cher's son, Chaz Bono, underwent surgery to become a man in 2010
    The 67-year-old feels she can relate to minorities after facing criticism as part of singing duo Sonny and Cher

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