Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have enclosed 3 articles which I think are all linked. First we have the ridiculous EU wanting to ban something else yet again this is the same EU who can not balance their books and let all the immigrants into the UK. What does our Deputy leader idiot Clegg  want to about this NOTHING in fact he is against the Cash Bond and what of his colleague Lib Dem minister Jeremy Browne defends immigration saying eastern Europeans coming here same as Brits moving to Spain, can you believe these fools NO

EU'S latest bloomer! Brussels bid to ban gardeners from buying favourite iris, lavender and clematis plants 
    Popular British plants are at risk of being banned from sale at garden centres under new proposals
    New plans require each plant to be given a scientific description and be listed on an official register
    UK experts say proposal would be 'too expensive and take years to set

EU president muzzles auditors who have refused to sign off the bureaucrats' accounts for last 18 years, telling them to tone down criticism as it 'erodes trust'
    Herman Van Rompuy bid Europe's Court of Auditors for positive headlines
    The watchdog has never signed off the EU budget since it began in 1994
    It has consistently cited widespread irregularities, including fraud concerns
    British MPs accuse Van Rompuy of whitewashing accounts to mislead public

Clegg vows to block £3,000 cash bond for visitors to the UK and insists 'silly' go home ad vans will not tour the country
    Lib Dem leader reveals coalition split on immigration policy
    Home Secretary Theresa May wants levy imposed on high risk countries
    But Mr Clegg said it should be targeted and not 'clobber' all tourists
    Poll shows most Lib Dem members want coalition with Labour in 2015
    Coalition divisions also emerge over employment law and wind farms
    Lembit Opik calls for Clegg to resign as Vicky Pryce savages mansion tax

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