Thursday, September 19, 2013

Do these women deserve children

This article below condemns all the various services for not doing their job properly as if it ignores the fact that it was the mother and boyfriend who tortured her. What should be done is to find out why people like this do these horrible thing, so we can profile potential abusers and tortures. Is it not time we reaffirm there is such a thing as Evil People, stop making excuses for them, stop giving what they do some name just say they are evil.

On the subject of making up names for problems, the amount of names they give for disruptive kids or is unbelievable. Why can't they say that is a very naughty child and give them some discipline, what about the child who is slow in learning why can't people accept that there are kids are dim or thick and maybe get them extra lessons. NO we have compartmentalise them they have ABCD syndrome or XYZ syndrome maybe because his mother had 2 cups of coffee while pregnant or as a baby she only fed him on the right breast

Another couple of article below about how these career women treat having children as an accessory like having a dog or nice car. It is about time Modern society and Politicians realize that women have children and those children need those mothers to nurture and guide them, you can not do hat by going to work ant 7am and returning at 7pm and having a Child minder is no substitute for a Mothers Love. These women disgust me. If your career is more important then children DO NOT HAVE KIDS

Daniel Pelka was starved and beaten to death by his parents as the authorities missed chance after chance to save 'invisible' four-year-old, report finds
    Magdalena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek found guilty of murdering Daniel
    Review looked at how he was starved and beaten but ignored by authorities
    Little boy forced to scavenge food from school bins and steal from friends
    Arrived at school with black eye, broken arm and looked 'a bundle of bones'
    Yet 'invisible' boy, 4, was never asked about his tortuous life at home
    Police were called to his home 26 times but failed to ask enough questions
    Health and social workers should have dared to 'think the unthinkable'
    Report says professionals failed him but could not have predicted his death
    Not one person has been disciplined for failing to protect Daniel from harm

I know my little girl's too young for school but I need a bit of 'me' time, says SHONA SIBARY 
    Dolly turned four in August and still wears nappies
    She's overwhelmed at being at school
    She attends full-time even though she could stay at home
    Shona said it's because 'shamefully, it makes my life a hell of a lot easier'

Meet Britain's worst wife - and she's proud of it: Kate won't cook, won't clean and only makes love to her husband (who works AND does all the chores) once a decade
    Kate is too busy with her career as a writer to be a traditional wife
    So Ben picks up the slack, even though he's the breadwinner

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