Friday, October 18, 2013

martin having a rant

There has been some interesting articles in the DM just recently before I move on to them I have to say I am getting sick and tired of all these Political Quiz shows, Talk shows, Question time slagging of the readers of the DM as Ian Hyslop editor of Private Eye ( A leftie mag)in answer to some leftie Comedian Marcus Brigstock (I doubt if you have heard of him) on “Have I got news for you” If you do like what they say do not buy the paper. The figures for the DM readership speak for themselves notice where all the Leftie Academic Newspaper are! Yes at the bottom of the list and did you know the DM Web site is the most read Web Newspaper in the World that must make the lefties groan.

A lot has been said about press freedom and how government and celebrities want to curtail them, although I am not happy sometimes with what newspapers print, I wonder if these people are doing it to hide some of their sordid secrets but also local newspapers can also blacklist people from have genuine legal views that has happen to me with regard to our own local paper. So all I can say to Newspapers practice what you preach

Some years ago I had a Facebook page, which I debated some of my views with people I knew in academia, I stopped for a couple of reasons for people who were supposed to be intelligent, they were very snobbish in their attitude to people who did not have a degree in some Ology, also they were extremely rude to people who had religious beliefs most were radical secularist the modern day evil. Yet the one thing all these people agree on was the legalizing of cannabis and other drugs and if anyone who spoke against it they were treated as stupid, let them tell that to the mother in the article below. Yet my main reason for coming of it was the fact they were so predicable in their Reponses and this became Boring

Although I do not agree with Teachers striking especially as they are reasonable well paid I know of one women teacher who teachers primary school kids who is on £30,000 pa but they have a point that if you start a job, your employer should honour your pension agreement. So on this occasion Cameron is wrong again
The article about the English Stiff upper lip being lost to cry babies has my full attention well done to Quentin Letts bringing the subject up and Stephen Glover article is also worth a read
Finally Labour now want to punish Pensioners for saving and paying their taxes all their life, GB by all account cannot afford them but we can afford Millions of Foreigners and Spongers. Have taken some of the comments form the DM they say what I feel

So let me get this straight. I, who have paid into the system since I was 16, and still paying 49 years later, and because I will be working until 2016, will by then have contributed 52 years, will be expected to fund those, like the Jeremy Kyle fodder who have never contributed, or those countless numbers who have washed up on our shores and claim (and sometimes fiddle) vast amounts, even though they have never contributed? I am now convinced that this so called democracy has utterly totally and completely failed my generation.

Shandley1, We are in the same situation, saved a little towards a private Pension as I am sure thousands more have only to be penalised by Gordon Brown. Labour messed up this Countries finances big time, Gordon Brown threw money at the feckless and penalised the savers, Stole from the Pension pot of the private sector but not from the public sector.Under Labour it certainly pays extremely well being a scrounger, a Single Parent, having several Children by different men.People have paid into the OAP pot for years so how can that be classed as a benefit. People on benefits who have paid nothing in are getting far more out of it than Pensioners who have. People on Gordon Browns Pension Credits with savings of £16,000 can get free Council Tax, Free Dental Treatment which opens the door to many more freebies. It's madness.Only the very needy should be entitled to benefits, not the workshy or the irresponsible single Parents with numerous Children who are milking the system.

Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane - then killed him
    Matthew was a bright young boy who excelled at maths and science
    But he started smoking cannabis and the 'harmless' drug took its toll
    He began having hallucinations and became incredibly paranoid
    Matthew's erratic behaviour turned violent, he started speaking of suicide
    His parents put him in hospital but once there he tragically hanged himself
    Matthew's doctors believe his suicide was triggered by smoking cannabis

Blub, blub, blub! These TV cry babies make me want to weep, says QUENTIN LETTS

STEPHEN GLOVER: For years the Left crushed debate on fatherless families. Now one man's dared to tell the truth

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