Friday, October 11, 2013

Food Banks

I recently returned from St Petersburg Russia where I was at a meeting, on my return, at the end of the journey, we were asked to put our loose change into an envelope for various charities one included "give school children in the UK a proper breakfast". Today I have heard that the Red Cross are becoming involved in Food Banks in this country.

1)   Are we that poverty stricken in the UK that we have people who can not feed themselves?
2)   If that is true why is this Government giving £Billions n foreign aid, a lot of it going to corrupt officials?
3)   Why are we allowing Foreigners into take our jobs and sponge of our welfare system?
4)   Surely Charity starts at home?

I am not convinced we have this amount of poverty; I would like some one to actually find out what these people who use food banks actually do with the money they receive. Is there money being used for essentials or are they relying on food banks so they can afford the luxuries of life i.e. alcohol cigarettes, mobile phone, computers, flat screen TV etc. You can no longer give away an old style TV, a 3-piece suite, mobile over 5years old or an old Desk Top computer.  My belief the society, produced by the last Labour Government,  encourages people to stay on the dole generation after generation, it makes these people think they are owed by society without contributing. Yet I expect someone will drag up a deserving case so we can keep paying out. Reread my blog and see what is handed out in state aid

Finally the continual advertising on TV by charities I believe is having a negative effect I now see so many as soon as one comes on I switch to another channel

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