Tuesday, October 01, 2013

ZERO hours -Ethnic extraction

'The year is 2013 not 1813 so why do we have Zero Contracts and Agency workers?

I recently spoke to some one who owns a Hairdressing Saloon who hired Zero Contract workers; this is where the employees are not guaranteed any job security. She said that when she has trainees in and they are no good she could say at the end of the shift I do not need you anymore. The reason she does this is because it is so difficult to sack incompetent staff, now if this true the law should change. It should be easy to sack staffs that are incompetent but I believe the main reason for Zero contract is for the business to make a profit without any duty of care to the employee.

The Employment laws laid down by the EU have become to much in favour of the employee and like most laws people do not like they find a way around it hence Zero Contract and Agency Work. Because of the EU employment laws the British Worker is being penalised. Another way to shaft the worker is to give the workers a minimum hours contract i.e. 20 hours per week but tell them there is always overtime available. A major supermarket chain that appeared in the Sittingbourne area, the same company who said that local people would be employed then took on a 25% foreign labour and purchased houses for them, well so I am told by the local workforce but our local politicians deny this? The minimum hours contract was good all the time overtime was available but suddenly the overtime was stopped instead of getting rid of foreign workers they cut the Brits hours down to level where they could no longer afford to work they either had to go on the dole or have tops up from the government
It seems that the government have to top up all those on low wages this obviously helps those low paid workers but it benefits the employers even more especially the very big companies, the same companies who pay accountants to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. A source of Cheap labour sponsored by the government to make bigger profit for the companies and the shareholders

Here is a suggestion do away with Zero contract only, all agencies to exist if they employ people on a proper contract and change the employment laws to make it easy to remove an inefficient, lazy, incompetent employee. Bring the minimum wage up to £10 an hour, this will relieve the taxpayer and decreasing employers and companies profits, make them pay the true value of their labour and of course stop low paid foreign workers. He must be mad to suggest this as prices will go through the roof? Well yes they will but people will learn to be more frugal with their money, instead of having a throw away society we will start to return to the days where we had items repaired rather then buy a new one, we would learn how to cook with raw ingredients and stop buying take-away or pre made meals, we will repair our cloths, get our shoes repaired etc., etc. this will make us healthy become less of a burden on the NHS and save the county money and we would help the environment with less waste. You still do not agree well let me finish by saying how long before the big companies profits start to fall and then they would have to bring down their prices to a competitive level.
Something needs to be done as this country is falling into oblivion

The Secular Society attitude of selfishness and thinking only of oneself has increased over the years, what has happened to the Christian value of helping others? There is nothing wrong in making a profit and having money but why can not some of these multinationals start saying our profits are getting bigger, why not involve the workforce in some of the benefits of your success? NO these have no loyalty to country or their workers or come to that humanity. Their God, Country and loyalty is their company only

I had to laugh at the PC Brigade criticising someone because they said of someone who was of an ethnic extraction that they were of an ethnic extraction

I'm today's comedy racist': UKIP spin doctor sparks controversy after referring to journalist 'of some form of ethnic extraction'

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