Tuesday, October 08, 2013

LIBDEMS do not believe in democracy

How can anyone vote for Nick Clegg and the LibDems they are a complete nonsense party?
Part of the coalition agreement was that a referendum was held over a different voting system because the public voted against it Clegg and his party block boundary changes. Boundary changes are where constituency boundaries are changed to give a fairer representation of the electorate. i.e   A had 1000 voters 10 years ago but now has 2000 B had 2000 10 years ago but now has 500. So the boundaries would move so both A & B had 1250. The present boundaries give labour an unfair advantage over other parties but this would suit slimy Clegg as it would make him a power broker in a LIB/LAB pact.

Now he tells us that a EU Referendum is wrong So much for LIBDEMS idea of democracy he then goes on to lie about How the British Economy would collapse if we left the EU


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