Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Morals in Russia are lot higher-Guardian Traitors

Russia still may not be the most democratic country in the World and their a lot of issues on where their mega rich got their money. Yet their morals seem to be a lot higher then those in the UK and EU. two instances have made this abundant clear to me:

1) The outrage by the lefty liberal elite and their Gay friends over the Russians attitude to abnormal sexual behaviour, their laws forbid the teaching of these abnormal acts to young people under the age of 18, to any normal person this is quite reasonable. Not so with the Pink mafia led by Stephen Fry who  wanted to stop the Sochi Winter Olympics, they tried to suggest that Sodomites are banned in Russia, this is totally untrue there are many Gay Clubs in the City. So why do they complain? have they an alternative agenda?

2) I recently heard that a 12 year old visited a doctor and was given contraceptives, yet the doctor was forbidden by law to tell the parents, now if I am wrong please correct me but if it was true what are the consequences? remember sex u16 years is illegal, I bet that surprised you and parents have a duty of care to their child. So what if this 12 year old becomes pregnant, what if she get a sexually transmitted disease? who is to blame? of course the parents. Social services would be involved and maybe the Police. Yet in Russia parents have to be told until their children are 18. Now you tell me where a child/young persons moral welfare is safer Russia or UK?

The Pink mafia have been so successful in promoting their abnormal sexual habits that it has become fashionable for young people at school to pretend they are Gay especially Lesbian, what a country this has become. A time to return to Christian ethics and morality, it seems more and more organisations are denying the existence of God, Scouting is the latest movement all seem to be converting to that evil SECULARISM


Guardian has handed a gift to terrorists', warns MI5 chief: Left-wing paper's leaks caused 'greatest damage to western security in history' say Whitehall insiders
  • MI5 chief Andrew Parker called paper's expose a 'guide book' for terrorists
  • He said the coverage is a gift to 'thousands' of UK-based extremists
  • Secret techniques of GCHQ laid bare by Guardian

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