Sunday, October 20, 2013

John's 40th

John's 40th

Well John has made it to 40 without being strangled by yours truly, to be fair he has not been a bad son a very successful Judoka and Samboist and has a good Job, been a good father to his two boys with regard to his private life that has been a bit patchy to say the least but overall I am quite proud of him

He held his party at Function Hall at the Ypres on Saturday and it was a great success what I particularly enjoyed that all my family was there


Clarke Brood

Many people from all over turned up and some we have not seen for 18 years like Steve Merritt and his wife, Steve a 6th Dan Karate used to head the IBF Karate section

John's Latest girlfriend Rebecca made him a really unusual Birthday Cake which really surprised him

Many people from the Young Judo Club and Warriors Grappling Academy were present as you can see from the photo some like George got extremely hungry

It was good to see John's 3 best mates there Stuart, Dave and Neil,they are very supportive of everything John does a couple are God Fathers to Johns boys and John is Godfather to Stuart girls, very close knit

John doing his things

Susan, Donna, John my three Children

Plenty Pic below I have of on the Web. I am on holiday in Turkey so may spare you my Blogs

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