Monday, October 14, 2013

Christening at St Michaels

On Sunday I was invited to the Christening of Stuart and Farah's daughter, it was held at St Michaels Church, Sittingbourne largest church and it was a pleasure to be in this beautiful old church and pleasing to see that people still believe in the Christian Faith. What was was unacceptable was the lack of respect some of the guests had for the Church and the service, talking during prayers, refusing to stand when asked and the most insulting behaviour was when a young girl in front of me started to use her phone to text and look on the web and he mother said nothing. What has happened to good manners and respect, surely the time has come for someone to bring out a book on Mobile Phone etiquette or better still start to teach it in schools. I was pleased to say the majority of the congregation were respectful of the place they were and I was particularly proud of my two grand sons Harry and Lewis who behaved impeccably. My son John was one of the God Parents

Sorry not my photos had to take them of the Web you will find better ones and the history of the church at

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