Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nazi Salute

One wonders why politicians and lefty want to spend so much time on a hand gesture? The so called Nazi salute could have been anything for example I was organising an international tournament Sittingbourne and one of the countries was Germany. As I looked up from the arena I saw one of my pupils and his wife so I raised my arm to acknowledge him. He was devastated that I used a Nazi salute   in his mind but all I had done was raised my arm, he saw something that was not there, would he have thought that if there were no Germans present I doubt it. So this raising of arms could have been any thing or maybe it was a Nazi salute which was meant a rebuke to an officious official? how many times have you called someone a little Hitler or even raised your arm which was meant as an insult? Even if it  was a Nazi salute surely at most is a rebuke from a senior officer. This obsession with the Nazi is a smoke screen to cover the antics of Milatent Moslems and Milatent left wing secularist
Shameful: UK soldiers under investigation after they were photographed performing Nazi salute in Helmand
  • MPs' anger that gesture could be dismissed as 'Loyalist tribute'
  • Picture believed to have been taken at an Army base in Helmand Province
  • It shows serving British soldiers two of which are giving Nazi-style salutes 
  • They are standing in front of a Union Flag and the flag of Northern Ireland,
  • 'Invicta Loyal' is the name of a Glasgow Rangers supporters' club in Kent
  • MoD spokesman says the two soldiers seen saluting 'have been spoken to'

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