Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Do Police Council care about behavior of Eastern Europeans

I have not been a Local Councillor for nearly 20 years, yet people still ask me for advice. Most of them know I have been a prolific writer to the Letters Page in our local newspaper for 40 years. It seems my letters over the last year have not appeared in the new local paper, did not realise I was so controversial but my BlogSpot gets thousands of hits. So why have I written this blog?

Most people know I am against the EU and believe immigration is harming this country, maybe that is why my letters are not printed, yet I am careful about not blaming individuals and a groups for all our problems in this country. So when people have said those Eastern Europeans are nothing but a pest and a nuisance, I was inclined to take it with a pinch of salt. I have notice on the rare occasions I venture into Sittingbourne High Street that there’s is a plethora of Foreign languages on one occasion I visited the Chemist out of the dozen or so people in the shop I was the only Englishman, but is that nuisance No only in the fact that it seems this country is being taken away from us.

On Saturday I came across my first experience of Eastern European behaviour , this individual was was drunk and abusive to myself, more importantly to my wife. He was in my face and trying to touch my wife, in my younger days I most probably would have lost my cool and knocked him out. I have this funny old-fashioned attitude that my wife is to be protected by me very UN PC I know. As I have got older I have found that the physical need to protect is the last option and as someone who has studied Judo, Sombo and Jiu Jitsu for 58 years the latter option would be no hardship. On this occasion there was no need for physical confrontation as the man could barely stand let alone fight, I looked straight into his eyes and told him to go away, I do not know if the fact that I am 24 stone 6ft 2ins and still in good shape made the difference but he went trying, to shout English swear words and I do emphasise the word trying. This was not the end of the episode one of my other Judo Coaches followed us out of the Swale Martial Club went to his car and the guy tried to force himself into the vehicle, once again he was lucky because the Judo Coach just removed him and sent him on his way, would he have been so lucky if it had been someone else?

I spoke about this incident to various people and they tell me it is a common occurrence that these Eastern Europeans gather in groups sit around benches throughout the Town, drinking alcohol getting drunk and annoying people. In fact some of the women now find it intimidating walking in certain areas, such as East Street and the High Street. The bench in East Street next to the Co-op Chemist is one of these haunts; it is also come to my attention that these drunks often pester shopkeepers.

My question is what are the Police and Local Council doing about this? Surely this type of harassment and intimidation is illegal? Is there not a Byelaw that forbids the drinking of alcohol in the streets? Surely the Police and Council have a duty of care to Her Majesties Subjects? Or is everyone lying to me and this is not happening? One thing is for sure the Police and Politicians need to keep in touch with the General Populace

I have circulated this Blog to Politicians, Police, Press and Police Commissioner; I just hope they do not come back with the English do this as well. Because this has never happened to me or my wife while walking the streets of Sittingbourne, Pubs, Clubs and Bars maybe but never the streets

Martin Clarke

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