Monday, October 14, 2013

Keep up the good work Gordon

I have never hid my respect for local MP Gordon Henderson although he is a Conservative MP he is very much a man of the people. below is an article sent to me you can also follow Gordon on

Dear Martin,

Last Wednesday, MPs had their final vote on the gagging law before it heads to the House of Lords. It was a close thing, with several government MPs rebelling against the party line. Unfortunately, the rebellion wasn’t quite big enough.

There were three important votes, two for amendments to curb the damage the bill would do, and one to kill it entirely. Your MP, Gordon Henderson, took a stand and put their neck on the line, voting against the government and standing up for freedom of speech. [1] If just a few more had done the same, this would be a victory email you’d be reading right now.

It’s said that ‘thank you’ is the least used word in politics. MPs are used to receiving emails from people who disagree with them, so let’s take the time say thank you when they do something right.

Please can you write to Gordon Henderson and thank them for voting against the gagging law?

Public rallies, MP meetings and thousands of emails, phone calls and tweets from 38 Degrees members, and lots of other organisations, ensured the bill has had a rough ride through parliament. [2] The controversy surrounding the bill will leave the Lords under no doubt that they’re being handed a “dogs breakfast” of a bill. [3]

If we keep up the pressure, the Lords will feel compelled to do the job MPs should have done in the first place, holding a proper consultation and rewriting the bill to protect freedom of speech. They’ll then send the bill back to Parliament, so Gordon Henderson will vote on the bill again. Let’s make sure they remember the thanks they got this time for doing the right thing.

Can you write to your MP and thank them for rebelling against the gagging law?

Thanks for everything you do

Robin, Maddy, James, Megan and the 38 Degrees team

PS: You can find out more about the threat of the gagging law by clicking the image below to watch a short video:

[1] How your MP voted

[2] 38 Degrees, Action aid, ACEVO and NCVO actions on the gagging law

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