Thursday, October 03, 2013

Borden Church

The Parish of Ss Peter & Paul, Borden is firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition within the Church of England, but, as a village church, seeks to meet the spiritual needs of people of all denominations and none.

Borden is a village situated immediately south west of Sittingbourne, Kent, from which it is separated by a small area of rural land. The history of the name is questioned. It may be derived from bor (hill) and then either from denu (valley) or denn (woodland pasture). It may also derive from "boar" "den", as it was known that the wild animals were found in the surrounding areas. Borden was first recorded in the twelfth century as Bordena. It may also stem from the settlement there of the de Bourdon (now Borden) family which came from Bourdannay, in Normandy, France with William the Conqueror in 1066. A similar contention surrounds the origin of the surname, so perhaps there lies the connection.

Yet I have often heard that the word Den comes from the saxon word meaning Stockade, considering the amount of villages/Town in Kent ending with Den i.e Smarden, Tenterden etc maybe that could be true? Well I hope that is true i rather come from a place which was a stockade rather then a place where pigs were kept

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