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My Holiday in Turkey

Hotel Aliza Oludeniz Turkey October 2013

Once again Myself  and Val have have had our holiday in Turkey this time it was at the Alize Hotel Oludeniz Turkey. This was only our second time in an all inclusive and was pleasantly surprised by the hotel, although after looking at some nearby hotels it was not the best. After saying that it was clean, comfortable and the staff were very good an ideal family holiday venue. I found the food substantial and of a reasonable quality, although others who do this sort of holiday on a regular basis said it was not up to standard The drinks were included up to midnight then you had to pay, fast food and ice creams were available all day, only Gin, Vodka, Wine, Beer were part of the package. I love red wine but it does not love me after one bottle I get tremendous hangovers which last 24 hours but I had to try the Turkish red wine which I found delicious and I did not get the hangover. Now was this was this because I was in a warm climate or as some have said it it because of the grape variety? 

Blue Lagoon

Turkey is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery, blue seas which even in October were warm and certainly warmer then the pool although the kids did not seem to mind. In October the nights get quite cold so the next time I come in will be in Late September. For those who love history the sites in Turkey are unlimited. One of the beaches we visited was the Blue Lagoon a World Heritage site, this as brilliant with small fish swimming around you as you swim, some of the tourist were even feeding the fish from their hands and to have a 6 inch fish eating from your hand is some experience. Many people come here because smoking is allowed every where and I mean every where including behind the bar and in restaurants, with us in GB being mainly in a smoke free environment this was a bit disconcerting. Yet on Turkish TV any film with some smoking the cigarette/Cigar is pixel-led out Strange? This disadvantage was by far outweighed by the advantages of a Turkish Holiday.

 Local AZDA?

 Val at Fethiye Fethiye

It is practically obligatory to visit the market in and it is well worth the visit apart from seeing massive of fruit and veg, there are some excellent bargains to be picked with regard to clothing and leather wear. Turkish law is very relaxed hen it comes to copyright, so the traders shout out "genuine fakes" and of-course some a pretty poor copies but for a £5 you get a good quality copy. Haggling is essential in Turkey no matter where you shop, we went to high class jewelry shop as part of a tour and Val showed an interest in a rather unusual ring the price started at £685 and I brought him down to £360 a bargain but I am pleased to say Val changed her mind. Not everything is cheap most of the bars we visited were priced little below English prices, one really caught us when we visited an Elvis tribute £11 for a Vodka/Coke and a Whiskey/Coke

This part of Turkey is very popular with paragliders and the week we were there was a paraglider festival seeing up to 40 paragliders in the sky, some motorized was exciting but see them doing acrobatic in the sky was awesome. One was involved in an accident his lines got entangled and he fell in the water, not to sure what the outcome was but it is certainly a dangerous sport. It is can be dangerous for onlookers to because when they come into land they blow a whistle and if you do not move you get knocked over.

Drinking alcohol at sea how decadent can you get

 Boats come along side and try a sell you products this one was making pancakes

Clear water notice NO yellow water

 I very rarely wear shorts now you can see why

Val still tasty at 66

We went on a boat trip around 8 islands not only was this brilliant trip but very inexpensive £10 that included an extremely good lunch. The boat stopped 4 times and we went swimming and there is nothing better then diving into a warm blue sea. Excellent trip will recommend it to anyone.

Those Turks could not keep their hands of my misses

The best food of the week was in a family run restaurant in Fethiye where we had a traditional lamb dish in a clay pot this was brought to the table in a fanfare of music and waiters in traditional dress, for those who think they have had Turkish Delight in England just try proper Turkish Delight in Turkey completely different an of course seeing Turkish Delight being made is even a better experience 

Is this art?

What surprised me was the amount of extremely overweight people that were here especially women and when I say overweight I mean over 15 stone overweight. I have a bit of a paunch which I am not particular proud of so I wear a shirt most of the time but one thing I can say my chest is bigger then my waist. This not the case with a lot of the men over 40, it seems the norm for these is to have a massive belly carry a beer in one hand and a fag in the other oh and I forgot you must have loads of tattoos. It is bad enough seeing men covered in tattoos or so I am told it is now called body art but to see women women covered in them made me look in amazement. It was not just youngsters it was women in their 50's, 60's and 70's who were covered in them. It seems myself and Val are the odd balls because we do not have any I do wonder what they will all feel like in 20 years times when the fashioned has changed?

This was great holiday and I met some very interesting and friendly people who's company I throughly enjoyed and I would certainly visit Oludeniz again. In fact I hope to treat the family to a week in 2015 when I am 65 

I have made such a big thing of my Blog I thought I had to include a few people I met 

Dick and Jean

Val with Carrie 

Steve,the picture does not do him justice He can smile

This young Couple were from Bristol, the wife was convinced that she in the South my Luvley 

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