Saturday, October 19, 2013

Foreign Lorry Driver watch Films while driving WE need the Bible

I was in my favourite Restaurant Taste of Portugal last night and got talking to a long distant lorry driver, what he told me about foreign lorry drivers was unbelievable. It seems they have their laptops perched on the dashboard to watch films and read books while driving and on occasion they will put their feet up on the dash. My first response was that this was a load of rubbish I had never seen a case like this and why don’t the Police pull them over? The answer was quite logical “How can you or the Police see into a cab? They are to high” as he said the only people who can see into a cab are other Lorry Drivers. Maybe the Police and Politicians should look into this?

Why is it we put so much store into the opinions of Celebrities, the latest assault is by someone called Morrissey? I am told he is some sort of singer, I have never heard of him but it seems he wrote a song about praising the death of Maggie. He then goes on to spout on about his own political bile but why should we listen or why should the press report his opinions on subjects he knows nothing about.

10% PRICE RISE BY BRITISHGAS. Once I heard I was straight on the Dog and Bone to complain and to change my supplier but I was pleasantly surprised. As a business customer the rise did not apply to me and I have a contract till 2015 based on the price I arranged a year ago

Well Done Chris Grayling MP now get us out of the Human Rights Fiasco have a look at the article below

Civil legal aid banned for foreigners by next year to help stop Britain being seen as a soft touch

Best of Luck rebel Adam Afriyie but it will not happen see article below

If we lose the bible, we lose our conscience

Can you believe this you pay your taxes for a lifetime, you pay NI for a lifetime and they still want to steal your house? Now if that had been a private insurance company you had signed a contract for, they could have been sued for breach of contract NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Of course the excuse is that we do not have the money well stop spending £Billions on corrupt Foreign Aid

Councils spy on parents who sign over house to children: Blitz on families who 'avoid' care home fees
·       Councils investigating residents who try to conceal property wealth
·       Inspectors with councils have legal power to go after suspects
·       Signing over a home to a child see parents avoid care home fees
·       Parents who are caught by inspectors risk having to sell up

Bomb suspect can have his passport back, judge rules: Iraqi who was stripped of nationality after plotting atrocities against coalition forces could return to Britain
    Explosives expert Hilal Al-Jedda was given asylum in 1992 but his British passport was withdrawn after returned to Iraq where he was accused of plotting atrocities against coalition forces
    But Supreme Court judges have ruled the move was unlawful as it left him 'stateless' without a home country

    Father-of-eight may now be allowed to return to Britain with his family
    He has already won more than £50,000 in compensation and legal costs from the European Court of Human Rights over his detention in Iraq

How I'm going to force PM to hold the referendum on Europe NOW: An incendiary intervention on Euro vote by leading Cameron rebel Adam Afriyie

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