Tuesday, December 31, 2013


CLEGG the UK biggest liar but he is not the only one Cameron and Milliband want to stay in the EU so they can feather their own nest in the future

Tories will ruin the recovery by flirting with EU exit, says Clegg: Deputy PM says party will put politics ahead of what is best for the country
    Liberal Democrat leader's New Year's message contains the warning
    He said Ukip and the Tories would 'put narrow political interests ahead of the national economic interest'
    The ramped-up rhetoric may anger his Tory Coalition partners

Surely the time has come for a totally independent body to be formed to take over the Honours’ System. I think it should go back to being for individuals who have served the people of this country not just for celebs, friends of political parties or sports people who win medals. The present system has devalued the honours system totally

The following is a comment from the article “How can Katherine "junkie" Jenkins be honoured at just 33yrs old?”

The 'cronies' honours list: Controversy over knighthood for PR man who holidayed with Cameron and awards to Tory and LibDem donors
    PR chief Alan Parker, who holidayed with the PM, was honoured
    At least two Tory donors have been honoured and four Lib Dem donors
    Karren Brady handed a CBE after appearing at the Tory conference
    Mr Cameron has been accused of running a Government of cronies


Sorry but migrants will STILL abuse the NHS: Department of Health research shows only 16% of charges are ever recovered

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