Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gypsy Fight?

Below is what has been called in the newspapers a Gypsy Fight.

Unlike the puritans I realise that young men will get into brawls and some times the Old English Way of settling an argument is the best proposition. Admittedly this was certainly not the right place to do this and does influence young children to be violent. To me it was a boxing match without gloves it was most certainly not a fight. It was done one on one both looked evenly matched and no real damage was done little cut over the eye that was all. Both were not particularly skilled at what they trying to do but if they wanted to learn to fight properly they should pay for my services and do it on a Mat or in a ring

I am not saying what they have done is right but compare that with what happens most weekends outside a Pub or Club where people stabbed, Bottled, kicked  unconscious  some even killed, this was a mere skirmish and should be put into context it was the sort of scrap I saw on countless occasion in my youth not that I would have got involved in any thing like this??????

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