Saturday, December 28, 2013


Article below about Marriage but instead of putting a normal couple i.e. a Man and Women on the cake they put two Men WHY? The disgusting Same Sex Marriage is not allowed in this Country not until next year.  So Why put this photograph once again it shows the power and influence 1.5% of the population have over us.

Want to feel like a success? Just get married! Tying the knot is key to a happy life
Nearly two-thirds of married people consider themselves a success
Just 52 per cent of those 'living in sin' did the same, a survey found
Over-55s feel more 'balanced' in their lives than 18-24-year-olds

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The LibDems want even more to come to this country, they are even more Left wing then the Labour party and a Left Wing think tanks thinks that if we do not get even more immigrants we will be bankrupted RUBBISH with Millions of Brits unemployed this is rubbish scaremongering

This worryingly crowded isle: England is officially Europe's most densely packed country
England has overtaken the Netherlands and is second only to tiny Malta
Over the next 30 years the gap is expected to widen even more
Figures show the huge impact of Labour’s open-door immigration policy

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Read this article some else agreeing with me there is no real poverty in the UK

PLATELL'S PEOPLE: A self-indulgent mother and the myth of 'starving' Britain

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Time for us to get out and have British Bill of rights, it seems that nearly 50% of Human Rights Judges have no previous experience in being a Judge

Grayling fury at EU bid to bring in even more 'human rights': Justice Secretary says plan is 'absurd' power grab
If introduced, it is feared they could lead to a deluge of claims against businesses and the Government
Contained in the EU's controversial Charter of Fundamental Rights
Mr Grayling said the suggestion showed Eurocrats were aiming to create a European justice system that overrides domestic courts

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