Saturday, December 07, 2013

Dentist-Food Banks-Privatise the BBC

As reported my Dentist wanted nearly £1200 to repair my teeth went to another one and had it taken out still cost £100

On Friday I had to visit the Best Western Coniston Hotel Sittingbourne for a booking I had made there in January well impressed. There are a couple of eating places I enjoy in the area 1st is the Taste of Portugal 2nd Marino’s Fish Restaurant, best Fish and Chips in the area and then down to Macknades at Faversham expensive but will worth the visit

I was listening to Radio 4’s Any Question, it seems the BBC go out of their way to get a Left leaning audience totally unrepresentative of Society as a whole. This week we had members of the audience shouting above the panel not allowing them to speak and then there was this mediocre left wing Author Jeannette Winterson refusing to let the Conservative speaker have his say, because he dared to say something about Food Banks. Food Bank the place where people in cars turn up and get free food at the moment they do not give free booze or fags that may come soon. I wonder if people who use these food banks are checked to see if they worthy of the charity? Jeanette has impeccable left wing credentials works for the Guardian and left home at 16 because she fell in love with another girl

Interesting enough after the programme finished there is ½ hour programme called Any Answers. This is where people phone in to give their views because the BBC has no control on what they say it was a more balanced programme

Surely the time has come to Privatise the BBC we the license holder are paying a premium to subsided over paid staff on a left wing orientated Public Service a service which should impartial

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