Monday, December 16, 2013

Visit for Christmas Drinks

Couple of visits this weekend the wife and I were invited to my Christmas Eve Club Members house for Christmas drinks, Keith and Wendy Whyman put a lovely spread for the 8 of us who were there. These little intimate events are brilliant as you can just talk. Mind you my brother Norman commented just before I arrived that they should say what they wanted to say, because once I arrived no one would get a word in. Can you believe that? Mind you Maggie and myself were forbidden to talk politics shame but I still found time for other subjects Ha Ha. Mind you I had endure that Karaoke Dribble called X Factor, I see in the paper on Monday that disgusting Elton John kissing Gary Barlow on the lips made me feel sick. It seems Elton has become of the UK’s Stately Homos
Sunday invited to my brothers to meet my nieces boyfriend who have just shacked up together oops sorry living together. He is actually a very nice young man an accountant, as I said to Emma my Niece you done well their gal. Both of them seem well suited and both have good jobs plus he drinks so he should fit in with rest of the Clarkes. I made very little comments on the relationship, well maybe just a few like “you are the one taking advantage of my niece and I hope I get invited to the Wedding when ever that maybe” Mind you they are adventurous, Emma has always had a horse and has competed in Hickstead. I remember taking her to a Horse trails and that beast of Horse with its massive hoofs I thought I am not getting to close to that not her straight in I thought I would stick to the Sambo. Anyway I am digressing, I asked where they are going on Holiday, I thought maybe one of those Sun spots with Night Clubs or as they were over 30 and maybe a bit more sensible a Horse Holiday. I was taken aback when they said they were going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Norman was more shocked when they said they could not take any Gin with them. Any way a nice couple and I am sure they will have many years of happiness together.

Below are a couple of You Tube Clips as it near Christmas one if about Beer which should amuse my son John and the other Focuses more on what Christmas is about .

A lot of people forget this a religious festival, especially those who want to turn the event into Secular event and change the name to Winterval.


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