Friday, December 13, 2013

Food Bank - Australia and Gay Marriage

Sittingbourne News

Dear Editor

I read with great interest an article that appeared in last week newspaper it was head EVIDENCE it stated “the number of families dependent on Food banks has increased sharply” the blame according to your article was the much needed Welfare Reform. Several questions come to mind:
1)   If it is true that people will starve in the UK because they have no food, why is the Government giving Billions of Pounds in Foreign Aid surely the adage of “Charity begins at Home: should be the order of the day
2)   I have never been to one of these Food Banks and you may be able to tell me if their checks and balances on those asking for this charity?
3)   It has been reported in several newspapers that people turn up in cars, smoking and collecting several bags. The implication is these people maybe hard but take advantage of these food banks so they still buy luxuries like Tobacco, Alcohol, Flat Screen TV, and Tablets etc. The rumour mill seems to be backing this up. If this is true stricter checks must be made
4)   I know several single men who are unemployed they have their rent and Council Tax paid for by the Council and they get £68 per week unemployment benefit not a lot for food and electricity but by being prudent they all have managed none of them drink because they can not afford it.  Yet since they became aware of Food Banks things have changed, they save up to £40 per week, which they can spend on going for a drink, buying some tobacco and the occasional Take Away. Now is that what you call Food Poverty?
5)    Finally a rather unique idea has come to light that is the Social Supermarket, these are Charitable Discount Supermarkets. ­Community Shop runs the innovative stores, the largest re-distributor of surplus food in the UK
Only those who claim means-tested benefits can become one of the 500 members of the discount store, which sells on products that the supermarkets are not able to. This is a way to stop the scroungers, con men abusing food shortage and lets people have some dignity in that they not being hand a charity
6)    Maybe the time has come to close all Food Banks and put the effort into Community Shops

M W Clarke
Valmar House

Nowhere in any election manifesto was Same Sex marriage mentioned, why was the Public not allowed an opinion on this subject? Once again the Gay Community who represent just 1.5% of the population seem to have inordinate amount of influence with the Government why? Same Sex Marriage is a misnomer as it restricts this style of marriage to Gays only. A brother can not marry a brother, sister marry a sister, mother marry a daughter before you say what a daft thing to say, the pro Same Sex Marriage continually say that this about loving someone and have the same legal rights as a Hetro Sexual marriage so what about family members, they also do not have the same legal rights as a married couple.
Why is that the Government refuses to acknowledge Polygamy?  It will do in a few years the reason not on religious grounds but to appease those perverts who claim to be bisexual. This Government continues to erode the Moral Fibre of the UK but then again the Millionaires and the so called ruling classes have never been known for their moral fortitude
What I found interesting in this article was the comments, if you listen to the Government and Gay Lobby they will tell you the majority in the UK agree with Gay Marriage yet the comments contradict that

Australian judges overturn law allowing gay marriage and declare 27 weddings invalid
    Federal government challenged validity of Australian Capital Territory's law
    Law allowed gay marriages in the nation's capital and surrounding area
    Ivan Hinton married Chris Teoh on Saturday but said he had no regrets
    Federal government's lawyer argued that having different marriage laws in various Australian states and territories would create confusion

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