Friday, December 06, 2013

Mandela and the Sheep that follow him

So Nelson Mandela has died and now all the Politicians and Celebrities come out to treat his memory as if he were a saint. Credit to him for stopping a civil war in South Africa but he was involved in the ANC who murdered Thousands of people. His legacy is one of good orator but he exchanged a apartheid white government for a one party black government which is corrupt, the people in the townships are poorer now then ever before, they live in shanty towns while their Black Masters get richer in the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Mind you being a prisoner was better then living in a Township they do not live to they are 95.

I was never a fan of this man to me he was just a terrorist who managed to get into power no better and no worse then Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness from the IRA and the West fawn to him because they did not stop Apartheid when it started and felt guilty about it, because it was apartheid against Black People. One must ask the question if it was the other way round would it have been such a popular cause? One day someone will write the Truth about Mandela not the Myth but it will not be in my lifetime. It seems there are a few who think the same see comments from the DM

Oh so wrong. This headline id oh do wrong. The media create Myths and sheepish believe the distorting of history. De Klerk and the nationalists ended apartheid not Mandela or the ANC. The myth that the ANC brought down the government is also not true. They were all hiding in the UK and other countries. It was the people of South Africa and other political parties that suffered the losses and did the fighting. Mandela's ANC killed and instilled fear with the necklace and criminal gangs.

No one mentions what a poor job Mandela and the ANC did when it actually came to governing a country.

No one really cares about the millions living in poverty in that crime ridden country they laughably call the rainbow nation, they'll all turn up politicians and celebrities surrounded by massive security, shake hands with the corrupt and suddenly rich ruling elite, make their grand speeches then leave because simply whose going to miss this once in a life time photo op, to be honest any true caring person will be sick to the stomach with the hypocrisy of it all.

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