Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Milliband-Clegg-Cameron HYPOCRITS

This article is well worth a read but it is more about the so called Professional classes then Middle classes (what ever that means)

JULIE BINDEL: Nigella, the chattering classes and the malign glamorising of cocaine


Cannot see the point of this it will not benefit him. He was a very intelligent man and served his country so I do not see what his abnormal sexual behavior had to do with anything. Why spend all that time in the House of Lords at the Taxpayers expense for something that is irrelevant and whether we like it or not Homosexuality was illegal at that time

WHOOPEE at long last the Muslim leaders are beginning to realise they have a duty to society

Muslim leaders slam M&S over 'ridiculous' till policy: Influential figures say workers' veto 'beggars belief' as store apologises over affair
    Muslim Council of Britain said situation should have been handled better
    Others said allowing workers not to serve alcohol or pork was ridiculous
    Customer was 'taken aback' when the female member of staff explained she could not sell a bottle of Champagne because she was Muslim
    Policy is to ensure staff who exercise the veto are given 'suitable roles'
    Spokeswoman apologised saying store had not followed 'internal policy'

Cameron that man born with a silver spoon in his mouth has no idea what the British think or want. I want a true Conservative Government not this Left leaning Coalition Rubbish. Cameron is ruining this country which was started by Blair

UK is top donor to poverty fund: Nation gives £2.8bn to help poor countries - more than US, Japan or Germany
    World Bank fund raised £32billion - and we gave almost 10 per cent
    UK also offered £500million in low-interest loans for the poorest 82 nations
    It is part of David Cameron's pledge to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on aid


UK faces 47 lawsuits for breaching EU's rules: Britain is being pursued over items ranging from tractors to toys and garlic
    Government accused of failing to follow European Commission directives
    Lawsuits could end up in crippling fines at European Courts of Justice
    David Cameron has promised an 'in or out' referendum if party wins again
    Mayor of London said he had heard of no 'positive case' to stay in EU

This is the same man who wanted support the rebels in Syria who are slaughtering Christians Here is the man who introduced Gay Marriage against the teachings of the Bible. What is more interesting is that Clegg and Milliband are Atheists now I understand why there is such an Anti Christian ideology in the Government. Yet I bet they are giving Christmas Gifts and sending Christmas Cards just one word for them HYPOCRITES

Cameron turns to God and the Bible for his Christmas sermon: PM hopes to rescue Big Society concept in message
    David Cameron has stressed Christian values of helping others in speech
    Comments seen as a revival of the Big Society message delivered at election
    Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg - both atheists - stressed importance of family

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