Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tim the diving BISEXUAL-Does this make him a better diver?

I have no objections to people making money but does anyone need millions of pounds , especially as we have so much hunger and disease in the World, plus want about the UK with the Food Banks. The Bible says “Matthew 19 v 23” Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.

A private jet, 'backyard stadium' and a $62M tree house: The gift guide strictly for billionaires who have been VERY good this year

Although I do not understand the desires of Homosexuals if they want live together and practice their abnormal sexual behavior and it is done in private it is no real business of mine. Yet those who claim to be Bisexual they disgust me and their sexual behaviour should be treated as a perversion .
So this Tom has told the world he is one of those this being a Bi Sexual , WHY do any of us want to know? I believe the reason why, is publicity so he can become famous and make lots of money, look at all those celebrities twittering and saying how marvelous he is, of course he will fit just right into their glittery world of self importance ,self adulation and moral ineptitude of the Celebrity culture.

This country is served by Corrupt immoral politicians who have so much money have no concept of how the ordinary person lives or what they believe in.

'We're a little confused as he's always had girlfriends': Grandparents of Olympic diver Tom Daley admit surprise at his relationship with a man but vow to support him
    The 19-year-old diver revealed the news in a video on his YouTube page
    Tom admitted he has been dating the man since Spring
    Diver said he's 'never been happier' but insisted he 'still fancies girls'
    The Olympic diver added that while his mother has been supportive, some of his other family members have 'mixed opinions'
    Kylie Minogue, Russell Brand and David Walliams led the celebrities tweeting their support for Tom

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