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RSPCA-Pink Mafia

The RSPCA is a left wing organisation with its uniforms it seems very much like a Paramilitary one. I used to do Judo displays for the RSPCA this stopped when they donated £1 million to the Labour Party to get Tony Blair elected and look at the damage he done to the Country. The fox is a merciless killing machine anyone who has worked in the country knows that and the best way to kill them is to find their set and Gas the whole lot, at least Hunting give the fox a chance and when they are caught death is instantaneous. Yet it is far from efficient with the majority escaping but the main reason for the Hunting Ban is a social Left Wing organisation’s like the RSPCA do not like the people who hunt as the consider them the Upper Class so therefore must be despised. You have to face facts you either leave the fox alone totally or you accept the fact they cause damage to the Countryside and Urban areas and need to be culled. I have yet to hear the RSPCA and their allies complain about the killing of rats by terrier dogs i.e. Jack Russell deliberately bred by Rev John Russell to be efficient Rat killing machines but then again they are ugly horrible looking creatures. One thing that shocked me was the RSPCA Poll that said 80% of the whole country was against Fox Hunting until I found out the Poll asked just 2000 people considering there is 63 million people in the UK it is far from accurate. The RSPCA is one of Britain’s most complained about Charities, it is also one of the richest charities in the UK, its membership in the last 10 years has fallen by nearly 50% according to reports. In 2003 RSPCA membership was 39,000 2013 it is 20,000 Can you wonder why?

Once again a small minority like the Pink Mafia have anonymous amount of power and influence over the 63 million who live in this country, I tried to get the numbers of who belong to Stonewall but could not find it but I did find out that their staff costs for 2010 was £1657,265 not bad for a charity?  I wonder how many other Focus groups who have a lot of influence but very little support?

Here is an interesting Blog you may want to read

Stonewall web site 

% of population who are gay, lesbian or bisexual

It is incredibly important that this question be added to the census. Since the beginning of the gay rights movement, one of the most effective ways for gay and lesbian people to become accepted to become less invisible. Definitive proof that a reasonable percentage of the population is gay or lesbian can only aid in making people from all backgrounds and beliefs realise that they perhaps, know a gay or lesbian individual.
Pete, 27 December 2009
FACT 2010 Census revealed that Gay people represent just 1.5%

% of population gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Until the sexuality question is added to the census, we can't even begin to guess what the % of the population is LGB. Even when it is added, it will depend on who fills in the census form, whether family members are out to each other, and whether they are even out to themselves. Some might be scared of what the information will be used for too. It is still very important that it is added, so that we are made more visible.
Ric, 20 October 2009
The government done as they requested and in the 2010 Census revealed that Gay people represent just 1.5% not 5% to 7% as used by government and stonewall which was trying to validate giving more rights to this section of the community above that of the rest of us
Stonewall has said there were 3.7 million Gay people in the UK well another lie 1.5% is 945,000 still a large number which should not persecuted but should they be given extra rights NO. Here is what 63 million look likes in numbers 6,300,000 that is 5,355,000 who are normal sexual behaviour

Countryside Alliance chief urges members to stop supporting 'sinister and nasty' RSPCA as they are now 'more interested in badger culls than animal welfare'
    Sir Barney White-Spunner urged members to stop giving to animal charity
    Former Army commanding officer hopes a new organisation will take over
    Also claimed the BBC portray rural people as 'Neanderthal'
    Attacked rural mobile phone signal as an ongoing 'digital apartheid'

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