Sunday, December 22, 2013

Drug Addicts

I found the comment below which I think explains my own feelings with reference to Muslim Militants

Don't fall into the trap of thinking it's hatred of the west, it's about creating a global caliphate, Christians and other religions, not to mention human/equal rights activists throughout the non western world suffer constant attacks from Muslims. Are Pakistani Catholics, Egyptian Copts or Buddhists in Indonesia westerners? are all non Muslims westerners by default. Our leftist liberal leaders prefer to believe we nasty westerners are at fault, the truth just doesn't sit well with their guilt ridden ideology, and remember most Muslims killed and tortured throughout the world are killed by fellow Muslims.

The latest idiotic idea is to take Drugs Addicts to court who will then be judged by reformed Drug Addicts. Below is an article about the views of that idiot from Friends. Why are we always making excuses for people when they break the law? No one forces you to be an addict, by now everyone in the World knows what happens when you take illegal drugs.
I pulled out a couple of statements from the article which were worth highlighting

We live in a world where millions have been taught what to think, and very few taught how to think.

Plenty of people who like to think they believe in free speech strongly dislike it when they meet it.

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