Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dental treatment the cost?

Val had to have Dental Treatment which was to cost £850 I managed to get it for £700 after some negotiation, then I had an assessment on my own teeth cost £1150? I am certainly looking round for another Dentist. What I find frustrating when I started work in 1965, I had to pay NI Stamp and back then I had free glasses free Dental treatment and now because I have worked hard and have a bit of money I have to pay through the nose for nearly all my health care. If I was a layabout who will not work or an immigrant I would get it all for nothing. Could a Private Insurance Company just change contract I doubt it.

I wrote an article about my return from Russia, I mentioned how better behaved Russian Young Women were compared to Brits, the article below proves I was right.

It was told to me the other day that girls as young as 13 in Sittingbourne have Chlamydia, at the same time people are promoting and boasting that women should have multiple sexual partners (in my young days they were called sluts now they are treated as liberated modern women) is perfectly alright? has no one said that this is wrong? apart from the moral aspect have they not realised that not being promiscuous and maybe having just one sexual partner for life will save you from sexual disease. Society is sending out the wrong message to young people but you should expect this when you head towards a secularist society

Our teenage girls' drinking shame: More 15-year-olds get drunk than any other country in the Western world... except Denmark
  • Report by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development quizzed teens on their drinking habits
  • UK is one of just seven countries where teen drinking is worst in girls
  • 44 per cent told researchers that they had been drunk at least twice

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