Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moaning but also some Christmas memories

I do not know whether or not Nigella Lawson was a habitual Drug Takers, she did admit that she had taken illegal substances so she should be charged. What I found disgusting was the two accused sister (Who in my mind were far from innocent) could make all sorts of accusations against her and not being challenged and not needing any proof, they call this justice? On Radio 4 two lawyers were speaking about one said it was unfair and said it was essential to find out the Truth, a sensible remark I would have thought NO the other female lawyer stated in was not about finding out the truth but making the prosecution prove their case. Our Justice system stinks it about these greedy lawyers making money to them it is a game. In short they personify the greed and corruption so apparent in the heir-achy of the British Establishment

The real meaning of Christmas has been lost for ever. I expect we say that every year but this year seems worse then ever with many Stores opening Christmas Day, Christmas is all about making money and profiteering. If you look at comments in the press all the Secularist are out in full here are some commnets "It was a Pagen festival" " No proof of Jesus being born on that day" "Christmas wasn't introduced till 3 hundred years after the death of Christ"  " Winterval" SO WHAT. CHRISTMAS IS SYMBOLIC. It is day we recognise the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour who cares if the date is wrong. Yet all those who sneer at us who believe will be out their lording it up. Slowly the Government with the help of the Secularists is eroding Christianity the religion that has formed the UK but also it will try eradicate all religion. With in my life time Bank Holidays for all religious festivals will be stopped and they will never ban the word Christmas or Easter but they will change the Bank Holiday's to Winter Break and Spring Break. Where Christmas falls on any day the Winter Break will be the same  Friday and a Monday every year

Any way enough of the pessimism, at this time of the year I always reminisce and it is music on the whole that  reminds me of things. My Father Nobby would often start to sing the ballad of Abdul A Bul Bul Amir mind you he very rarely finished it so I have put on a YouTube version. Mum, she was German,  would always bring out he 78's from Germany and many were played the Christmas Carol  which always had her in tears was "Silent Night" have to admit when I hear by myself and listen it certainly pulls the heart strings But can  not do it public very unmanly. She would also bring out Hänschen klein (Small Chicken) a nursery song, Lili Marleen and she would never have it sung by Marlene Dietrich who she and a lot of German people of her age considered a traitor and she would always finnish with Oh mien Papa this would have her in floods of tears. I miss them both and the years going by doesn't make it any easier

I had a couple of Judo pals of the 1969's and 1970's he would do an act from the poem "Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God" I have included the full poem and a comedy sketch. Some of you may remember them they were the Mole and Mike Illott sadly Mike was killed in a Car Accident some years ago, a good judoka and comedian, his take on Eric Morecambe was brilliant

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