Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is this to much to read

Not got much to do today so I thought I would bore you all on my opinions on a lot of items.

This item on Hospitals baffles me, we put Billions into the NHS and they still do not get it right, maybe it is time to Privatise the whole thing because it is certainly not working a Nationalised Service. My idea is that everyone who is a British Subject gets a Private Health Care Insurance paid by the government through National Insurance. The Government would set the minimum requirements for these insurance extras like cosmetic problems would be extras. For those who have used Private Hospitals you will know the difference

Danger in the GP's surgery: Bad hygiene, out-of-date drugs and untrained nurses putting thousands of patients at risk
    NHS watchdog uncovers catalogue of failings at more than 300 practices
    Maggots on consulting room floors and out-of-date injections for patients
    Only 2 GPs at one surgery referred each other to GMC for 'incompetence'

Have a read and see how much these drivers get paid and they wonder why Brits do not want to work. The employment of Brits is going back 100 years

'I never received my maternity clothes': Delivery men ditch your Christmas gifts in the bin as they get 280 seconds to make a drop-off and 80p per package
·       Couriers are paid per parcel but get nothing if they don't deliver
·       Five minutes to drive to an address, drop-off and then start next order
·       Parcels abandoned and found by binmen
·       Delivery firms almost impossible to cal

I have no time for these so called charity functions, never trusted them to put the money where it should go and have been proved right. These events are just about comedians promoting themselves especially the ones who no long popular like that ridiculous “I am a Celebrity” a group of has been who demean themselves to get the public eye. No wonder I have no respect for Celebrities or the Celebrity culture

We'll rethink arms and tobacco investments, says Comic Relief boss after huge backlash from public and celebrities over claims it put money into 'booze, bombs and fags' fund

·       Chief executive Kevin Cahill pledged to 'do the right thing' after backlash 
·       Critics say investments undermine charity's work to help victims of smoking-related diseases, alcohol abuse and war
·       Viewers expressed fury on Twitter, with many saying they wished they had never donated

Well said Mark Harper MP these companies complaining they can not get workers and want Romanians etc. allowed in, he states they should pay better wages which Brits can actually live. These companies want more and more profit from what is virtually slave labour. We should ask would they work for that wage NO a workers weekly wage would not pay there regular Restaurant Bill.

·       Mark Harper said firms unable to find workers are not paying enough
·       Hit back at claims by Domino's boss Lance Batchelor that the chain could create 1,000 jobs - but too many British people do not want the work
·       He said there is no question of government relaxing immigration rules to allow Domino's to 'keep wages low'
·       Comments come as Sir Stuart Rose criticised the work ethic of Britons

I am sure there is a conspiracy to promote Homosexuality and Lesbians, now they are accusing Neil Kinnocks son of being a man with abnormal sexual habits and the most ridiculous one is claims are made that President Putin is Homosexual, please repeat that in Russia. Yet every soap has a Gay element, nearly every Comedy programme has gay element, Downtown Abbey every had a Gay footman,  nearly all chat shows have Gay presenters, the Wright Stuff on Channel 5 always seems to have at least 1 gay on the panel ( there is one celeb who is so insignificant I can not think of his name keeps referring to his Husband, what does that make him the wife) Radio Comedies programmes have several gay presenters. Gay Britain: inside the ONS statistics

1.5% of the British population is gay, says the Office for National Statistics. See who lives where, how they are employed - and how likely they are to be smokers
 I have only known 10 Homosexuals and 2 lesbians in my life and I have travelled extensively so why does this vey Small minority have such a powerful voice and influence? Mind you a friend of mine has just found out that his only son is Gay he is devastated as I would be.

Kinnock's son, gay rumours and a flirty blonde Prime Minister: Meet the very unusual Danish leader who dragged David Cameron and Barack Obama into that embarrassing 'selfie' row
    Helle Thorning-Schmidt, 46, is an unconventional head of state
    The Danish PM has been nicknamed 'Gucci Helle' for her wardrobe
    Husband Stephen, Neil Kinnock's son, had to fight off 'gay' rumours

Thers is everyone stating how Good South Africa is and one of its leading Politicians has his house burgled. Tutu is just like the rest of those South African Politicians they are even worse and more corrupt then ours, he is the one who wears a cassock and claims to be religious. Maybe he should have condemned Madela for the murders he arranged

Desmond Tutu's house burgled while he was delivering a prayer at Mandela's memorial service
    Thieves broke in to the former Archbishop's home in Cape Town yesterday
    He was in Johannesburg speaking at the memorial for Nelson Mandela
    It is the second time in four months that Tutu has been burgled

And it has taken all this time to come to this conclusion?

Abandon the euro, says Nobel winner: Economist warns of 'lost generation' on dole
    Sir Christopher Pissarides once passionately believed in single currency
    But he's had a change of heart and is now warning it's 'dividing Europe'
    Cypriot-British economist calls for action to 'restore euro's credibility'

Well you are going to hate for saying this I believe they should get the rise, this was independent body, which has come to the conclusion that nobody likes. If you want quality MP’s you have to pay a decent wage. MP’s get less money then the CEO of a Council in fact the Prime Minister get less money then a CEO
I do have a way of saving money:
1)   Cut the number of MP’s we have
2)   Build a Dormitory for MP’s when they stay in London and do let them claim for their own house
3)   Work out the travelling expenses from London and how many times they have to go to their constituencies and give them a one of payment or make the produce 2nd class ticket and reason why they travelled

We MUST give MPs 11% pay rise or risk 'disaster', Commons watchdog warns
    Ipsa suggests increasing salary to £74,000, almost triple the average wage
    Chairman Sir Ian Kennedy insists MPs need 'one-off uplift' worth £7,600
    David Cameron threatens to scrap watchdog if it presses ahead with hike
    Labour leader Ed Miliband calls for cross-party talks to block the increase

The Romanians and Bulgarians benefit the Country? Why not just make it illegal to beg and imprison Brits who beg and deport Non Brits

Back in time for the Christmas rush: 'Aggressive' Roma gypsies return to Marble Arch to beg from wealthy tourists and shoppers
    Travellers reportedly targeting wealthy tourists and shoppers for money
    They were evicted in July - with some even give free flight home
    But now they're back and council chiefs say there's very little they can do

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