Friday, February 28, 2014

A comment from the article   “It breaks my heart to see this nation that for decades welcomed refugees from other countries ripped apart and forced into exile itself,’ Guterres told the U.N. General Assembly. Just five years ago, Syria hosted the world's second-largest number of refugees, he said.” Assad allowed all people to worship there own religion. He may have been a dictator but I wonder whether the people of Syria were better of with him then they are now with Moslem State with all the barbaric laws that go with it? Cameron and Obama wanted to support the Rebels?

Syria's starving hordes: In a biblical picture of suffering, crowd stretching for as far as the eye can see gathers amid the rubble of Damascus for UN food hand-outs
  • Yarmouk, the Palestinian area of Damascus has been sealed to the outside world on and off since July
  • These photographs show the first food parcel arrival in Yarmouk for months, hundreds lining in the streets
  • Yarmouk may yet again cut off from humanitarian aid following clashes in Syria's capital, UN reports
  • Today, 175 rebel and foreign fighters were killed in a Syrian army ambush near Damascus

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