Monday, May 12, 2014


I never watch the Eurovision Song Contest to me it has nothing to do with Songs it all about Politics. Yet cannot avoid the fact that a Homosexual Drag Queen with a beard won the event. The Spectator quoted the following when the Russian entry was booed  “Putin’s abridgement of gay rights won him fresh enemies in the West and made him a hate figure amongst LGBT audiences. And anyone watching Eurovision last night could see that there were — how to put it? — a lot of men in that audience who had forgotten to bring their wives”. 

Here is what the Russian Duma passed  The State Duma passed in the third reading the federal act banning “non-traditional sexual relations”. This law makes amendments to the Administrative Code and in the federal law on “protecting children from information that can bring harm to their health and wellbeing”. 436 voted in favour none against and 1 abstained.”  Now how can you complain about that?  

So the people in Eastern Ukraine were committing an illegal act because they voted for an independent Easter Ukraine? Surely in a Free World anyone can make a petition and vote on it? Those who organised the vote have said the result could not be implemented and it was a way of judging the feeling of the local inhabitants who overwhelming wanted to break away from the rest of Ukraine. So if Scotland votes for Independence and the UK Government did not agree would they be justified in sending in the Tanks? If Ukraine backed by the EU and USA go into Eastern Ukraine with their Military, it will lead to ethnic cleansing and certainly a war with Russia, which nobody will win. The Ukraine Government is illegal as the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. It is time the EU and USA took notice of the people who live there, get the UN to organise a proper referendum in Eastern Ukraine and abide by the decision of the people this is real Democracy

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